Monday, June 7, 2010

Beginning again

This is my first real post from my Ipad and I think I am going to find this easier than posting from my main computer. Up until this last week I have been working primarily on assignments for Nihon Vogue. Our next class is next weekend. After knitting, frogging and reknitting, I finally finished most of the homework and have been free to work on other things. One of my New Year's resolutions is to spin up all of the fiber I purchased at SOAR this year.
The first fiber is an unknown wool from an unknown vender. Okay, I lost the tag. I started spinning this on my drop spindle while still at SOAR and the tag is nowhere to be found. It is from a vender who was from the area surrounding Delavan WI where SOAR was held. There was a small sample of this blend in my welcome pack and I knew I had to get some. Four ounces, spun on two bobbins and then plied together. No regard for trying to orient the color sequence in a particular way. I love the colors and the way they blend. It reminds me of the complexity of color you see in yarns like the tweedy Jamieson and Smith colors, or the Alice Starmore Hebrides yarns.

The resulting yarn is about 300 yds of DK-to-worsted weight yarn destined to be some mitts and who knows what else. It is still slightly damp but I intend to get it on the needles before the next Nihon Vogue class--great airplane knitting.

In other news, E had her third presentation in preparation for getting her black belt in May. There have been a lot of changes at our Dojo and the new karate Master is trying to raise the standards. Consequently the kids last night came in for a lot of criticism, all in a good way though. I am so proud of E for keeping a good attitude despite this.

I was definitely inspired to practice at home myself after this presentation!

More about Nihon Vogue coming soon!