Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two in one week!

Two posts in one week!

Im just home from my D&C, and floating on vicodin and fentanyl--such a lovely feeling!

One of my GOALS OF THE MONTH is completed--last night I got my third stripe in Karate and am ready to test for my gold belt at the next graduation the beginning of February. The karate has been great for me. I am making amazingly rapid progress in getting back in shape and increasing my cardiovascular fitness. And it is so much fun, I hardly realize how hard I am working!

I have been trying to limit my knitting a little to try and get rid of my tennis elbow, but it is hard to stop doing something you love so much! Still working on clue #2 of the SSS. And my jitterbug sock for those moments when I need mindless knitting. I am anxiously awaiting my first delivery from one of my SOTM clubs--can't wait to see what the first month will be like.

No new pics for now.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I've been meaning to post for so long! I have been thinking about my New Year's resolutions since the middle of December but still haven't gotten around to committing them to paper (or type as the case may be). So here they are

1. To knit/weave/spin from my stash and NOT BUY ANY NEW YARN, realizing it may take me two years to make any substantial dent in my stash. BTW, this includes weaving yarns as well. The only exceptions to this are the following:

Two sock-of-the-month clubs that I absolutely couldn't resist (I know, I already feel guilty).

The purchase of raw fleece with the intention of spinning for my COE in spinning.

That should significantly curtail my purchases for the year.

2. To work through my WIP (AKA UFO) pile and make substantial progress on determining a fate for each one (either knit or frog).

3. Study Chinese. I still haven't worked out a schedule that is feasible, primarily because I am still trying to figure out how to juggle everything given...

4. Study Karate. This is a project I started in December and am loving! I will probably test for my yellow belt the first week in February.

5. Do the Iron Girl Duathlon in Bloomington in September. I realize that it is unlikely that I will get back in the pool--it is inconvenient and difficult, and I hate it. So instead, I will focus on the bike/run, and sell my wet suit on Ebay! I submitted my registration today, after running a 5k yesterday it seems a do-able goal.

I like NY resolutions, as I am very goal-oriented, and I seem to be more productive if I have a list to work from. So my to-to list for this week is

1. Attend SPCO concert Friday Am

2. Clue #2, and 1/2 of Clue #3 on my surprise shawl

3. Finish jitterbug sock

4. Karate Mon/Tues/Thurs this week.

5. Other workouts Fri/Sat/Sun

6. Chinese--Lesson 2 pimsler. Newbie #2 (3?) Chinese pod. Vocabulary and characters for each.

A couple of pics of WIPs:

This is a sweater I am making from my handspun Romney-corriedale cross fleece I purchased and Maryland Sheep and Wool in 2004. It needs some stiff washing as there is still some grease in some of the skeins of yarn. The front and back are finished. Two sleeves to do next. Making up the pattern as I go, using EZs percentage system for stitch counts, although this is not knit in the round.
This is a baby hat for Mr. Pruden's baby-to-be. They have been so nice (I know it is their business, but 'nice' is rare these days) that I couldn't resist whipping up a little hat. The hat is actually finished, just have to weave in the ends. The remainder of the yarn is becoming socks for Elizabeth.