Monday, February 25, 2008

Blocking a sweater never fails to amaze me. You can take something that looks like this:
And turn it into something that looks like this:
I have grafted together the shoulders and have only to finish up the seaming and then do the neck band. It should be off of the WIP list very soon!
I have had to leave off the small gauge knitting for a while because that really strains my elbow. I don't think my socks will be finished by the end of this month. I have been working on this instead:
My version of the modern log cabin from Mason-Dixon Knitting, knit in Noro Silk Garden. Easy garter stitch! Both of these projects are getting a little too big to carry around so I may need to drag something else out of the WIP pile to work on.
Mike leaves for his month-long trip next week. We will use this blog to communicate via pics. It will be a challenge to see how us girls survive without him around!

Friday, February 8, 2008


I guess I have to come to grips with the fact that I will never be a daily, or even weekly blogger. I still am enough of a techno-dork that I am intimidated by the technology and have not gotten very far in understanding all that this medium is capable of.
I have been a little limited by what I can knit as I am trying to let my elbow heal from a bad case of tennis elbow. I think it started in December when I spent two days winding warps for towels. I also started karate in December and that didn't help. Add in feverish knitting to try and keep up with the Spring Shawl Surprise, and I was doomed. So, for the last three days, I have knit almost nothing. This has given me some time to get going on weaving those towels, and I have been able to do some spinning.
This is what I got for my 43rd birthday! My first real belt in karate. I am inordinately gleeful about this. Not only are the classes fun, they are a good workout. Since you are always striving to perfect new techniques, it doesn't get dull. And it is satisfying to know that I am learning skills that may be useful at some point in my life. I hope to acheive green belt status by the first of April.

Elizabeth has transitioned to the juniors Karate program and is really enjoying it as well. She was a little bored with the Preschool class.
I am well into the first of the STR Sock-of-the-month. The yarn is not a colorway that I would ordinarily pick, but I am actually enjoying knitting with it. This is the project that I have been carrying around with me, knitting a few rows per day so that I don't work my elbow too much.
The colors look a little dark here but you can get a sense of the amazing dye job that resulted in the stripe pattern where the light pink is framed by the darker orange-red. This sock is finished and I am working on the ribbing of the second sock.
I finished the little hat below as a baby gift for a friend, and am using the rest of the skein of Peace Fleece sock yarn for a pair of socks for Elizabeth, one down, one to go.

These mitts were a quick knit out of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat. I have been unable to get a good picture but there is a central cable up the back of the hand. I have worn this a ton already, although with temps in the (-) range lately, it is too cold to wear them. This pattern was modified from a pattern in one of the One Skein Wonders books--a mitten pattern that I turned into mitts. Despite both mitts having the same measurements, the end of the mitt falls at a different place on each hand and this bugs me tremendously. The next time I make mitts for myself, I will take this into account.

This is the beginning of my SSS, abandoned for now because of my tendonitis. I am actually much farther into it, working on clue 3 (or 4, I cant recall). I am downloading the clues as they become available and will probably slowly finish this over the next six months.

So: My To-Do List for Feb/March is the following (allowing for minimal knitting per day)

1. Finish STR January socks
2. Finish handspun sweater (front and back done, 1/2 way through the sleeves) including blocking and assembly.
3. Finish the six towels currently in progress on my Mightly Wolf.
4. Finish the Grant Ave vest
5. Finish the socks for Elizabeth from the Peace Fleece.
6. Work on my current spinning project--Merino/Tencel
7. Work on my 3-ply alpaca yarn, using up the Alpaca I used for my LX

Could be a might bite ambitious, aye!